I've finally put my Redbubble account to use and made graphic tees, stickers, phone cases, and a crap ton of other stuff available of (marginally updated versions of) these four sketches I've done so far!






I encourage you guys to check the stuff out! https://www.redbubble.com/people/-neon-

Profile Update!

2017-02-12 13:52:25 by NE-O-N

I've been away for a bit working on several drawings of my character, as well as updating his design to use across all my platforms. All of those are finally out of the way, so I hope you enjoy those, and you should see me a bit more consistently now! 




As always: my art thread's a good place to see extra stuff, as well as my general improvement :3

'Ello fans :3

2016-07-14 12:13:55 by NE-O-N

Glad you're interested in what I'm doing (or trying to do xD)

I didn't really see a regular link to it anywhere on my page, but if you guys ever want to see random stuff such as improvement (???), completely broken sketches and linework I want to burn, WIPs and much, much more--! (I'm obligated to say that; there actually isn't that much more), then I'd encourage you to take a peek at my art thread! 

I try to post something there at least every couple of days to keep the ride going. I'm just goin' for that "see what I'm doing" type of thread instead of trying to make it a professional portfolio or something. 

I know it kinda sounds like a shameless plug, but it offers more if you guys are genuinely interested in the ride as much as the art :3

I've been scouted! :D

2016-06-23 13:40:41 by NE-O-N

Thanks kitten :3 Didn't know you had NG as well until just yesterday xD

But now I need to start uploading better stuff to the portal to show off what I can currently do.